Friday, March 16, 2007

New Oilcloth Handbag

Two years ago we were a little early for Maddie's Little House On the Prairie book club and what do I see ESTATE SALE signs pointing me to vintage handbag bliss! I found this little cutie.

That same spring Don and I went to New York City for our 10Th wedding anniversary, I took my bag. It is a great city bag, you do out with a bit our essentials and then you buy a bit of this and a bit of that and you can pop this bag open and add you loot and look cute.
I have added a great strap and an inside pocket so we can find our poor keys and cell phone! I never ever could find them in the vintage one. Well the dear old friend is looking so ratty that I will now be displaying it on the wall in my studio while I am making new ones.


Lynn said...

So pretty! I'm sorry your old one isn't fit to carry out anymore, but I'll bet it looks pretty on your wall.

kimmy said...

oooo, i like your new bags!!! especially the one with circle handles!!

Kelly McCants said...

Oh yeah these make me very happy! I'd really really like one for me but I need to stock up for the spring show.