Friday, March 30, 2007

MY Day off!

My day off...

It seems so long ago, I came down with the flu the next day! With the exception of going to the Doctor and the Chiropractor I have not been out of the house since. I need another day off now! Just kidding Don. We couldn't afford that!

Here's one of my best girlfriends of all time, you know that type your children call Aunt. Meet Aunt Squeeze. I received her as a friend in one of those "new boyfriend package deals" about 15 years ago. I still have the boy and her! If your in labor and you need someone to make you laugh this is your girl.

Pedicures, new shoes and lots of new cloths was just a bit of the fun that we had! I have 5 new shirts and not one of them is a V neck t-shirt from Target. I have grown.

We left the hats behind but not the attitude!

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