Sunday, March 18, 2007

tie one on

OK, I am in the midst of a Wholesale order and I have to teach 15 homeschool kids all about the constellations at our Thursdays EDU Co-op. So what am I doing sewing for myself? Good question. I am having sleepless nights thinking about RIC RAC! If you have never seen this blog and this crafter go check it out, Tie one on is having a Ric Rac challenge and well "I am GA-GA about Ric Rac" Literally I have woken up in the middle of the night thinking about how I could show my love (obsession) for rick rac and use up my bits of left over supplies!

So another one for me to "tie on" you can see me wearing this Crazy thing at the farmers market this spring! I can't wait!


mary said...

that is amazing. I love the side pocket.

Kelly McCants said...

Thanks Mary, I used my standard MJ pattern it has a simple patch pocket on it but, since I did not wish to match up the ric rac across the pocket I change the pattern to have the side pockets. They are nice and deep so I can use it as a vendor apron this spring. Plus I am hoping that the solid pocket helps to slim me a bit, its been a long winter!

I now have a new pattern, Yippie.

beki said...

How cute! I've had my idea for this month's submission on the brain for days now. I can't wait to find the perfect fabrics ;-)

Lynn said...

I love it! Great ric-racky apron Kelly!