Monday, January 4, 2010

Wrapping up '09

I know that it is already the 4th of January, but I have been working like a maniac.  Today feels like New Years today.  As of yesterday I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel on a HUGE order that is going to be delivered on Saturday--200 Party Banners for Chick Pick for Hillary!  (much more on that later)

Any way, today I am playing catch up and showing off and sharing all the things I was too busy to post last month.  Happy New Year!

Handmade Holiday booth, to see more photos click here.
At the show's blog you can read a little article about me!

Here's a sweet birdie that Aidan made!

My pretty Eva apron was in the Belle Gift Guide!

Like most of you, we had a ton of snow!

My little girl isn't so little any more.

I have always wanted a recipe book stand, no need any longer. While baking
Martha's sugar cookies I realized that a handy cloth pin would do the trick!

I have great a friend that helped me get away from it all with out getting out of the house!
When your really down in the dumps, you gotta love a girlfriend that will hunt you
down and hand you a box filled with all this!  I was back to normal the next day!

My son made these for me, they where all wrapped up and under the tree for me weeks in advance. He had been using the bead box to make ornaments, I didn't even know there were hooks in the box.  I was so surprised at his sneaky crafty goodness.

I received this wonderful necklace stand for Christmas, so I was very motived to clean up the dresser in my room!  A few new containers and a vintage table runner make it all nice and neat---even a week later!

The Holiday Village my cute Hubby grew up with!

My boys got crazy at our annual New Years Eve Bowling Party.

What 200 party banners look like before they get all strung out!

On a recent second hand shopping excursion with Dawn, I found this fab Dinette Set!
It was actually made here in Richmond VA, by  Dixie Dinette, Inc.
This will the lunch table for the future Modern June Studio, at 40 bucks---I couldn't resist!

I saved the best two for last!  Apartment Therapy of Los Angeles loved my thanksgiving table!

Modern June scored two spots in the Table Runner Round Up on Apartment Therapy!  Sweet!

Please forgive me, this post was very self indulgent! But I really wanted to share December with your all. Even when it was moving at the speed of light 2009 was a great year! I learned so much and I did so many great things with my family and friends as well as for Modern June. Here's to another banner year. Happy New Year!


DanaMc said...

Oh, I love your clothspin idea! It's so simple. So, perfect.

Suzanne said...

Congrats on your apron being in a magazine!!! That is exciting stuff, lady!