Friday, December 25, 2009

Maddies First Christmas

Maddies first Christmas, originally uploaded by ModernJune.
Twelve years ago today, we brought our new bundle of joy home from the hospital in a handmade stocking. What a sweetie! Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter!


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Kelly:)

Seasons greetings:)

Lovely photo to remember and cherish. Great imaginative work of putting your daughter in that colorful stockings. Amazing!

Best wishes to you and your wonderful family:)

slip4 said...

My daughter turned 18 on December 23rd. We also came home on Christmas day that year, and she was brought to me in the hospital in a big stocking! Good memories...


slip4 said...

Happy new Year! I was distressed to miss the craft sale on 12/12 this season. Do you have any other such sales coming up, or is it a once a year kind of thing?

Kelly said...

Once we get a giant wholesale order out I plan to have to make a bunch of goodies down! Stay tuned!