Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inspiration-Gift Wrap Centers!

I want a permeant and functional gift wrapping center!  Here is some inspiration that I have recently found...

I really love this, it's totally doable, check out the great tutorial from Centsational Girl!

Here's a  lovely Gift Wrapping Area found at Country Living. Wouldn't this be a great shipping center? Someday, when Modern June rents a space we will have room for this!

This one is the ultimate Gift Wrap Center.  Wow, it's dreamy, I mean super dreamy!! Real Simple also give you 3 low budget solutions!

So, I ask you, where do you keep your wrapping loot?  Are you all organized or are you like me with a broken wrapping paper box under the bed, over-flowing with wrinkled paper?  Share with us your solutions, we want to see it!

I found something else that I love, Paper+Cup Designs used the wider Grundtal shelves from Ikea.  She has left out several of the bars making room of rolls of ribbon and tissue.  Now that is totally doable and would work with my new look in the Modern June Studio! Check out more studio shots from Paper+Cup at Brooklyn Bride!


DanaMc said...

Right now I just have all my paper and bags and ribbon, one of those long rubbermaid containers with the place for the tape.

One of these days, I'll outgrow that. (Now that I've learned that Dollar Tree has amazing tissue paper (and bags, etc) for $1!)

Centsational Girl said...

Oh, what a luxury to have a luxury gift wrapping area like in CL ! Love that picture. Thanks so much for the compliements and the link!