Friday, January 22, 2010

Mantel Junk

mantel display 19/365, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Where does one get cool junk? This is my burning question every time I see a cool home on Apartment Therapy or Design Sponge. I just love junk! Today I will share just where I got my treasured loot from.
  • The door is from on old ironing cabinet, and I rescued it from the alley. I stored it in the shed for years before I found a place for it. I love the worn paint and attached hardware
  • The iron gate was found in the alley behind the same house but years later. I have had to rescue this from my own alley several times, my husband kept trying to get rid of it. Someday I want to have it sandblasted and use it for tissue paper/wrapping paper, just like a local store has done.
  • I finally found the perfect way (for now) to display my Instant Roadtrip, 6 Postcard Set from Roadside Photographs. I found this Los Angles based photographer through Paper N' Stitch and Etsy, two great market places.
  • The giant M came from Artful Vintage, ahhhhh, I could really spend some money in that Etsy Shop!
  • My sweet green gnome was present from my cute hubby, we saw it in a Busch Gardens shop, he snuck back and bought it for me! How fun is he?
  • I have no clue where I got the orange vase, maybe from a frequent trip to the Lakeside thrift shops.
  • I saved the best for last... my cherished Irish Cottage that came from my Grr. When my Grandparents went to Ireland in the 80's they brought back tons of these, one for every child and grandchild. I received mine a few months after she passed. I love this music box so very much, it reminds me of winding up the old one that sat on her mantel through out my childhood.
I am sure it looks like junk to some, but to me it's a mantel loaded with memories!

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