Friday, July 17, 2009

Trade Show Prep - Signage

I woke up this morning thinking of Booth Signage, I love that about myself, the old unconscious brain problem solving while I sleep the night away, that must have been the cause for the killer head ache I woke up with.

I have always wanted to DYI a banner that looks like my business card and banners, the Blue Forever Oilcloth with the logo and stitching. To do this wouldn't be hard but it would be time consuming, too bad time is not a luxury I have right now. Plus, I worry about it being to crafty looking, for this show we need polish!

So now what? Big printing company, on line indy or local? Again, time is my enemy, I really don't have time to sit and search all day. So off to my crafty peeps for the 411. A quick call out on the Richmond Craft Mafia, a look around The Switchboards and the Etsy forums for some opinions.

So far I like Empire for it's easy to follow form, it made me realize that I liked the idea pole pocket instead of Grommets.

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artisticblend said...

Have you tried VistaPrint. I ordered a couple banners from them recently and they are pretty nice. Locally, there's a place in Mechanicsville, Digital Sign Lab, that seems reasonable and VERY friendly! Good luck.