Friday, July 10, 2009

new apron in the works

new apron in the works, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Earlier this week I needed to write a Business Bibliography for Modern June, in which I waxed poetic about my background, my apron ideology and my passion for retro aprons. After doing this project I realized that Modern June is much more than that, but in the same breath I miss that part of the biz. Again, I ask where are the aprons? Where is the cotton? I long for cotton, Modern June needs some cotton. Did I mention cotton?

So, this morning (in the wee hours of the morning) I am up and finishing a pattern, cutting it out and sewing it up! Photos later, I promise!


erin taylor designs said...

i can't wait to see!!

artisticblend said...

Just gorgeous! Now I'm inspired to go thrifting for some yummy vintage fabric and get to sewing. Thanks! :)