Friday, July 3, 2009

scary snackin'

Yesterday I knew that Dear Son needed some mommy time so I offered to carve another watermelon with/for him. The tools are not kid friendly so I let him art direct me. First thing we did was to head over to for inspiration. Since I bought a personal sized melon he opted for the Jack-O-Melon. I really think this would be a great snack for play date and pot lucks! Fun and healthy!

I started by cutting the melon like I would a pumpkin. I used the fun and very sharp v-shaped knife thing-a-ma-bop, no clue why I have that but hey I am glad about it now!

Then DS hollowed it out and we ate our snack while we worked!

DS used a dry erase marker to draw the eyes on.
Then I cut them out using a simple stake knife.

Then we drilled a hole and used the eye piece as ears.
I did some extra carving on the ears with the lemon zester.

Again with the lemon zester I created eyebrows and scared up nose!

Lastly, we loaded up the melon monster/dragon and lit her up!
The kids really enjoyed the smoke that poured out his eyes and mouth
after the candle were blown out.

Hmm... what if we filled it up with dry ice? Interesting!

Total time 20 minutes!

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