Saturday, July 18, 2009

my thinking place

Today I went to Forms and Fixtures looking for display pieces I realized I really wanted to be at Caravatis. This has always been my most favorite place to think. I can wonder the warehouse undisturbed amongst the old doors, claw foot tubs and iron gates and problem solve. I started doing this when I was renovating our 1920's home. There is something about being surrounded by architectural salvage that gets my creative juices flowing. As always, I left inspired.

If these were not 3 and 5 hundred dollars, (yes, your heard right) a piece
I could see them having a great hook and displaying Modern June aprons.

Now this is what I am talking about!
My dream trade show booth involves one of these bad boys for display!
I can see June standing next to it now in show room glam!

Ever since my college days I have loved tin ceilings. I see a back splash in this pile.
Here is a cool display idea for a B&M shop, frame the tin tiles with
salvaged trim and place a fancy hook near the top to showcase an apron on an hanger. FUN!

Imagine the oilcloth Stocking hanging on one of these pretties.

While, I won't be doing any of this for this show it is very fun to dream.
Maybe next time, with a booth of my own and a lot more lead time!

As I left someone asked me I found what I was looking for and I said yes... "I found inspiration".

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MonkeyDogStudio said...

A friend told me about Caravati's last year, but after seeing these pics, I MUST GO THERE!