Friday, July 24, 2009

list mania

list mania, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

There is only 6 days until we leave for the big BMAC show so it's all about the list or shall I say lists! Because one list is not enough I now have five lists going! One list with 5 columns wasn't working and mini lists were only getting me through the hour work (not a bad thing) so printed off a check list from the web and life is better now. I have a to make list, a to do list, to purchase list, a to take to philly list, and a to print list. The great thing about all these lists is that when you only look at one it actually seems doable!


fleur said...

I'm a list freak, all my sisters and mom are to. I think its genetic!

Where did you print those from??

Kelly said...

Hey Jennie,

The check list template in my Numbers program. I made a custom list for my upcoming show samples, it has really been great. Columns include headings like Product, Color, finished, Production date, what to pack it in and a box for when it is packed.

I can't wait to check off those boxes!