Saturday, December 27, 2008

ten to do's

Dawn, Lark Studio, posted this on to the RCM blog Off the Record last week...

It's that time of the year when most of us with art/craft businesses are wound down - taking a break from a (hopefully) busy holiday season. Here is a great, short, motivational podcast from Alyson B. Stanfield, author of the Art Biz Blog, on how best to utilize this down time and prepare for success in the new year.

If you have a Crafty Biz you too have to check it out. Here is my check off list for the top ten list for clearing out the old and setting up the new!

__Done!!!__ TASK LIST
  • Completed:
  • new State tax number for LLC
  • new EIN for LLC
  • Gathered up everything I need for completing new LLC Business License with the city.
  • new business license taken care of! Yah!!!
__NEVER DONE!__ STUDIO (working on that now! )
  • Switched out my inventory rack for a handed down rack that has a top shelf.
  • Booked and labeled all my bulk bias and rick rack that just came in before the holidays.
  • Throughly cleaned out the ironing room!
  • Found the floor in front of the sewing machines.
  • Packed up all holiday fabrics for attic storage.
  • Cleaned out all those drawers and caddies.
  • I have started making a central pile for filing
  • get files into system FAST
  • I filed my little heart out!
  • listen to her class
  • add more to the list!
____ Art Work
  • list all those ONE OF'S on to etsy
  • Create SALE section!
  • Wrote letter for wholesale clients about CPSIA.
____ COMPUTER (fix laptop or buy new one)
  • Don backed up both computers
  • finish on line clean up of all those dang photos
  • tidy up this dang blogety blog!
  • two galvanized trash cans for all those oilcloth bolts
  • Wrist support to use at the computer
  • calendar/day planner, there is a post coming on that!
  • Tape
  • label tape refill
  • Cotton fabric
  • needles
  • bobbins
  • tailors chalk
  • Oilcloth re-order
Still need...
Shredder, accordion files and clear show boxs..

  1. biz cards for MJ and OCA
  2. post cards for MJ and OCA
Hang tags and labels
  1. New tags for tablecloths
  2. hang tags
  3. sew in labels MUST ORDER ASAP
  4. Size labels?
  5. Care, labels or tags?
  • City Hall
  • Girl Doctor
  • New scripts for the new year
  • Made Dentist appointments for the entire family
  • DMV, finally renewed my drivers license

Ok, I am motivated!!! Care to join me?

UPDATE 1-5-09
I am still crossing things off this list. I hope to be done soon! Dawn, how you doin?


Dawn Anderson said...

uh...hello? you sent a newsletter out this month. you have a mailing list...

queenb said...

Thanks for the motivations tips! That is just what I needed to see this morning, to remind me that I need to get organized for the new year.

I loved your X-mas table by the way, so retro cool! And your daughter has your style pegged! Like mother like daughter, Huh?

Dawn Anderson said...

oh, and I'm soo in. Check the blog for my updates.