Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Calendar Year

So every August and January I get the urge to simplify my life and get organized. Today, I have been considering a Day Planner. I like the two page per day pages from Day Runner, they also had a really cute red planner that is really tempting. But... it is all so expensive. I thought that there has to be a cheaper way, and lo and behold there is! Maddie and I ran off to Target and found this cute Blue Sky "RingFolio," $25. It is better than I could have hoped for, with a built in calculator, a small expanding file section. and zipper pocket. Score!

Now what to do about those cool calendar pages? I would love to find them on-line and just print it all out here at home, but I had to wait until the next day to get them at the office store. I had a coupon, so that helped save $10 bucks. I hate to spend a lot of money on all this since I never use all this darn planning stuff : ) (this is the year, I promise)! I just CANNOT have another chaotic year. I opted for the undated version of the two page per day sheets because it only cost $8.00 for a two month supply. I love them!

To defray the cost of the super cool daily planners, I set out on quest for free printable calendars. I found this fun vertical calendar for the computer monitor. Love it! I hate having to open i-cal every time I need to see a simple date, especially when I am not at my computer. For my "month at a glance pages" I went to my homeschool chart standby, Chart Jungle. I also needed a single page 12 month calendar that was vertical, and I found that on this site.

So all and all, I saved about $65.00 by putting together my own planner. Now that is a sweet deal! Happy organizing!


nikole said...

Are you kidding? All in one day? You are amazing!

Kelly said...

Nope, not amazing it took two days. What will be amazing if I use the dang thing!

: )