Monday, December 15, 2008

fatigue and photos

I am so bone achingly tired. Last week I thought I was just about as tired as I could be, but no I was wrong! This weekends show was so totally killer, but it kicked my booty something fierce. Here are a few photos that I took, and a few that I have stolen from my friends!

Cute stuff and cute mamma--Hershey is my Baby!

The Cupcakery-- also super cute!

It is really bad that I really want this guy? Like I need it, honestly am I 8? Yes, as a matter of fact I must be! Dang it, he is just so cute!

I wish I had noticed the glasses, I would really have liked to have gotten those. But that killer orange number kept dazzling me!

The Divine Miss Pickles in her doggie glory!

My corner booth. There were so many people that this is the best photo I could get all day.
We honestly had the best customers ever!
There was steady flow from open to close both days. It was amazing!

Dawn and her funky note pads. LLCool J? Oh yah!
One super cute and silly couple! Ono is too darn funny!
Next time girl you HAVE to dance on the balcony for me!

Check out the cards I am sending them out for my very small holiday list. For some reason I just hate sending cards, I bet it is because they are so important to my mom and mil. I am such a rebel. I will gleefully send out Miss pickels christmas cards, not doubt! Who knows may I will actually get into the tradition. (Sexy mama card maker!)

Another good shot of Miss Pickles! Pugs rock!!!!!!!
The kids and I want one really, really bad.

too fun, right?

Ok that is enough for now....sleep must sleep!
The shop is only open two more days and I can not wait for a nice long vacation. I will need two extra days to get out the last few orders and then I can sit around with my poor neglected kids. Yah!

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