Wednesday, December 17, 2008

freak out!

Can I just say out loud that I am totally and completely freaked out about Christmas and Birthdays.

I have done nothing for our extended families! Well I did do some good trading for my sisters family but the other 4 nephews I got zilch, nada, notten! OMG! I planned to have the kids make pocket pets for thier cousins, when is that gonna happen?

To make things worse I just realized I missed my best friends freaking birthday yesterday. I suck!

To make things really, really terrible, I have no plans what so ever for my DD 11th Birthday that is 6 days away! HOLY MOLY! I am such a bad mommy and friend.

Time to make amends and get busy, when all I want to do is sit and veg. Crap!

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Jennifer said...

What about The Mysterious Benedict Society for your 11 year old? My friends' family with kids 11, 9, 7 are reading it out loud as a family and love it. And it just came out in paperback. Or a "gift certificate" homemade of course to the new Movieland Bowtie Cinemas on Blvd. opening in Feb. I saw their ad and they have some of the movies the teenagers like coming...Jonah's Brothers I think.