Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The "There's a lot going on" day!!!

That quote says it all. Yesterday was one of those days, a lot "went" on. It was a bittersweet day. One minute it was crazy, the next boring, the next peaceful and with a lot of fun in the mix too.

It started off at WTVR, where was I was showing the RCM wares on TV for a "Mother's Day Gift Guide." Thinking that it had to go better than last time, I was prepared and calm for the show. Best laid plans... I was totally thrown off balance by having only 2.5 minutes to set up 15 products. I just could not do it -- it was so impossible that the fabulous host of the show, Greg, came to my rescue, got the producer to "go to weather" first, and then the kind man helped me set up. We did it in 4.5 minutes. AAAhhhh, FREAK OUT!

Once outside, I needed a big meltdown so I dashed off to near by parking lot near by for a good stress cry. Silly but necessary. Next to the parking lot was the coolest building for rent, and fabulous! The perfect studio space for Modern June. A detached- mid century office building with great natural light, 4-6 minutes from my home. Just dreaming for now, but you know I am calling to find out the rent. Working at home is really the only option for now, but someday it would be nice.

I came home with Krispy Kreame doughnuts and a got a heroes welcome from my kids. Was it the doughnuts or the fact that Mommy was just on TV that awarded me this honor.? We all laid around chatting about the challenges of live TV and then surfed flickr for a while. The kids found this set of photos,
featuring a really cool Missing Monster, very inspirational and set to off to create a stop motion animation piece. 350 photos later we went out for lunch.

We did take-out from Ukrops, Don and I enjoyed a nice quite lunch for two on the front porch. I love my front porch table, its just perfect for a quick meal!

Then it was off to a 2 hour long doctors visit that was so very exhausting! Never a dull moment in Mommy Land.

On the way home, Don and I checked out my "future studio space" -- he didn't like the stray dog, but loved the building. Once home, he took the kiddies to Maymont and I was actually bored for about 30 minutes! Too exhausted to get any work done I called my best friend Christi for a life update.

We then all had dinner together, before I dashed off to the Craft Lounge for friendship and a Margarita! This was fun but I was a bit spent by this time of the day.

All and all a lot went on! I need a day off to recover from my day off!

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kimmy said...

Tru dat Kelly. Mommy Land is never dull.

Sounds like things are swimming along. Hope all goes well with the Doc.

Thinking about ya.