Friday, May 16, 2008

Local shop: Nicola Floral

sign, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Check this out!

Last month I was thrilled to see this sign out side Nicola Floral. This is one of the shops that carries my aprons and baby items. It is only 3 blocks from our house, we saw it one day when my family was out for a walk.

How cool is that? It gives me that "my name up in lights" kind of feeling.

I love this bit of Bellevue it reminds me of the neighborhood that my Grr would often drive by on our way to the Country Club Plaza, it was full of gingerbread houses (1920's tudor style homes). I remember thinking how cool that you could have a place to shop right in the middle of the neighborhood. I also used to say I would grow up and live there. Well I live along way away from Kansas City but I do live in neighborhood just like that one! LOVE IT!

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