Thursday, May 1, 2008

Girls being girls?

Maddie has a few friends in our neighborhood that she plays with all time but all they do is fight with each other. She comes home and spends 20 minutes telling me all the things that went wrong, all the nasty things they said to each other or worse what they said behind the others back.

Now I am tired of this! I have refused to listen for a while now but the other day I got sucked into it again. I told her about the attitude of the girls in the movie, Mean Girls, and how terrible they were. I told her how insanely awful they were and how their words really hurt. I told her that I would have no mean girl attitude from her and that her friend was not really being true to herself. I told her that I really did not like that her girlfriend was not being nice to the other little girl by trash talking about her behind her back... BLAH BLAAH BLAHHH. So I turned in to the Charlie Brown teacher and she walked away.

But, in a few minutes she came back to the kitchen and asked me a really great question. "Isn't that what girls do? Don't they talk about people behind their backs? Boys get into fights but girls use their words to hurt." I AM NOT LYING! Yes she said it all, she did, every single word!! Oh my, it is going to be a long and bumpy ride till 18. I was so shocked that she knew this at the age of 10 that I don't even know what I did or said. I just stood there thinking how right she was, so right about it all.


Ellen said...

Your daughter's ability to recognize and articulate girl dynamics makes me think she'll also be able to dodge them well and pick friends accordingly as she grows. Nice work Mom!

Stephanie said...

Scary...why are girls so mean? and so young? Good luck with that and please report back for all of us other Moms with girls ourselves!