Friday, May 23, 2008

I am NOT having fun

...but some of my friends are having a blast!

What a waste of a week. First I was so sick from a cold that I spent the entire Lewis Ginter show coughing, then I hurt my back. We are talking big time hurting. I have been in bed all week. I have been getting up and sneaking in some sewing. I really have so many orders that really have to get done. What a mess. I am getting around a lot better thanks to Dr. Jo, my chiropractor from heaven.

For something much nicer to read about than my whining check out my crafty friends:

Tasha... potter extraordinaire gets a great shout out from D.C.'s Crafty Bastard's show!

Deanna...Missing Monster finder girl was a Shrinky Dink Diva on Channel 6 last Monday

Ono... our eco-friendly fashion designer revamped tote bags into fun fashion statements on Channel 6 the previous week.

Please feel free to click on the photos to find the items shown! Fun stuff! Right?

1 comment:

RetroRugrats said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Backaches and colds are the worst! As always, I love your apron designs. Great work! Happy Sewing soon:)