Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a mommy whine-fest

Disclaimer to husband: Don't take this personally.

I need just a moment to complain about working at home! OMG! I mean how many times can I be interrupted? AND for the dumbest stuff. Last night it was I can't find my hair brush. WELL... too bad. This was after 25 "mom can you come read this with me!" READ IT YOURSELF OR TURN IT OFF! Last week, everyone was out of the house for 5 minutes, 5 MINUTES when there was a knock on the studio window and a child that had had an accident and needed a shower and fresh cloths. OMG. just when I think I can really roll and get something done in a timely manner I have to bathe a child.

Every day it is the same thing. Ok, that accident was really not normal but the rest is. If I were working in cooperate America would my VP tolerate this? Really easy answer, NO.

But on the flip side, I am there for the kids right. Every little moment I get to see and share in. I hope they see it that way and not grow up resenting that I was in my studio all day grumpy cuz they needed their Mommy. OK, it all just sucks. You can NOT win for losing.
Ok, rant over! I am off to another interrupted day! And right on cue... Aidan just arrived at my side a whole hour before he normally wakes up. THIS MOMMA NEEDS A BREAK!

Good thing they are really cute! ; )


Andrea said...

omg, you just voiced my thoughts for my entire week so far! :-P I feel your frustration! I keep saying I wish there were two of me,one for the business and one to be the mommy and housewife, lol!

Carol said...

It's so hard Kelly...hard when you're home, hard when you're not...just so hard to be the mom.
Have faith, the interruptions will become fewer in time!

Kelly said...

Carol you are totally right. Home or not home it is all hard.

Hey one day I will be ranting about how they never talk to me anymore. Careful what you wish for right?

Andrea, having two mommies is a lifelong dream of my children!

Anonymous said...

Now that summer is almost here, maybe there's a teenager in your neighborhood who'd like to make a little money hanging out with your kids for a couple hours a day.