Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh So Sassy!

Look at this! Sorry ladies, but this one is for me! Do you all remember me finding that FAB fabric site, SEW MAMA SEW? Well, look what I got to make for them! That night when I found SEW MAMA SEW, I also found Kristin's Blog, where she had a call out for crafty mamma's to test out some of the apron patterns that she carries. I was so excited to be accepted for this task!

This picture is of the finished product, and I am wearing it now! I need a fabulous dress to go with it... and a fabulous meal. I'll be looking good.

Keep a eye out,as I will be reviewing the pattern for her Blog. I will let you all know when it is posted! But be sure to check out it today as she has FREE fabric Friday! OH oh OH! how much fun...

Update... I just got chilli all over my new apron?!?!? Go figure. It was really good chilli though! I actually followed the recipe to the best of my pantry's ability. I used this one from Racheal Ray, and the night turned into date night! Don and I got to eat together alone, and then watched an episode of Ballykissangel too. Where were those cute kids? I love the Disney Channel too.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Do you love my new drinking glasses in the picture? I asked my Mom for them two years ago, and they arrived on my birthday last week. The glasses were hers, and I never-ever remember her using them (for special dinners only, ya know). But, when I got all into the color avacado, I remembered them collecting dust in her avacodo kitchen. Thanks Mom! I love them and I hope you don't mind they are being used!

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thoughtbubble said...

The completed project looks so good! I love your choice of fabrics!