Monday, February 26, 2007

And the Oscar goes to...

And the Oscar for best Husband goes to... mine. I love you, thanks for gifting me an entire evening of TV. Yes I was crafty too! I am making my squares for my lovely button flowers.

I had so much fun on Oscar night! It started with the pre-show over at the E-style networks and then over to ABC. I was TV Party Hopping!

We used to have these big parties on Oscar Night. All my theatre friends and Don's Web Friends would come and get all decked out. We used to raid the storage room of what ever costume shop we were working in at the time and borrow something truly fabulous.

We would have contests for the tackiest appetizer. The appetizer had to represent a movie from that year. Like the Titanic jello mold with a plastic ship nose down in the blue jello, and little figures floating in the water. Or the 7 layer bean dip in the shape of BABE the pig.

Man... we had a lot of fun. I want to be a grown up again! (insert pout and pity here) Every year I say "next year we will start it up". The major trouble is we have not seen any of the movies nor have any of our friends. Just excuses. The kids are now 6 and 9 maybe they need a sleep over with Grandma next year!!!

So OK even if you did not get to see the Oscars you can see the dresses. And come on that IS what it IS all ABOUT really. So in order to see how many people are really reading my blog I want to you all to go here and pick out your best dressed and your worst dressed. Then you MUST leave a comment. I know that there are a few of you that are lurking around here. I really and so curious to know who is reading. So please just this once I beg you comment! Don, Christi and Janet you know I mean you too!

oh check this out if you're really really into the Oscar dresses it is a quiz, everyone loves a quiz

So come on give me a head count, please!!! (This is the begging part)


Kristin said...

Ok, not looking back at photos, but from what I remember, Helen looked awesome. The Penelope Cruz dress is fascinating, but I don't know how she sits down. I have to say that I wasn't into the Jennifer Hudson outfits. I know that when you've got it, you should flaunt it, but sometimes...ahem...they can be a little distracting, LOL!

Kelly McCants said...

For Jennifer Hudson it was all about the girls! I read today that she had a power struggle with the stylist she DID not want to wear that gown at all. Poor girl! She has lots of time to redem herself!

DonsSword said...
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DonsSword said...

Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz, win with me every year. You know me -- I like "hot moms."

kimmy said...

I don't even know who most of those folks are but i vote for the chocolate colored woman in the chocolate colored dress (but i don;t like the silver shrug) and Eddie Murphy'S SA-WEET SUIT:)

You inspired me today and I called the Dept of Agriculture and they are sending me a Home Based Food Business packet!!!

You rawk!

Kelly McCants said...

yippee!!! you will rule the world with your gronola bars!

rockergirrl said...
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rockergirrl said...

let me try this again.

ok here are my Worst picks

1. Sorry Jada Pinkett-Smith but that dress was way too tight and just not right.

2. Anne Hathaway bugs me anyway but she looked like present that should never have been wrapped.

3. Now it tears me to write this because she normally looks good in a band aide - Kirsten Dunst. Her dress was wrong, her bangs too long and her face seemed so gaunt and sad that night.

Best would be

1. Helen Mirren
2. I don't know who it is but one of the presenters - I will look her up. When I saw her I said to myself "now that is something I would wear. I will find it.

Kelly McCants said...

I agree with you about Jada Pinkett-Smith's dress was wrong. But she is so cute, she said she picked it for hubby Will Smith. She told him that one way or the other he would be coming home with a gold statue. I vote them the most well adjusted "APPEARING" Hollywood couple! You just never know. :0

Lynn said...

Pretty much all of them looked well put together. Lots of pretty dresses. Reese Witherspoon looked especially eye catching. I think Helen Mirren looked fantastic too. I was getting bored with all the neutrals, but with her white/gray hair and skin coloring it looked gorgeous. Worst was Cameron Diaz. That dress not only wasn't flattering, it looked cheap and uncomfortable to sit in.

Nobody makes the huge mistakes in style like they used to at the Oscars. Before they all had stylists, I can remember Demi Moore and even the always lovely Jodie Foster showing up in awful outfits. Didn't Demi design her own dress one year that involved what looked like bike shorts? I liked it better back when Cher was there being tasteless and spectaculr.

Kelly McCants said...

Lynn, you crack me up! God I miss Cher. come back 80's Cher come back!