Monday, February 19, 2007

Back from the flu!

After 11 days of pure funky flu we seem to be back to normal! I have too much to say so I am going to make this a "photo and quote" kind of entry! It sounds a bit crazy and fun all at the same time!

Boy it would it be nice if my life could really be like this picture. I have to much stuff though! I like the thought! Kimmy you could do this with your jewelry, don't you have one of these that you just stopped using as a computer cabinet? This is from the Better Homes and Garden website.

Last week during our families Flu epidemic I got really old -- I turned 39. Before I came down with the flu I was able to run away and play, and here is my new stash! Oh yeah, I had fun. 4 hours and 2 fabric shops later I was blissfully poor! Pretty colors don't you think?

Here is the inside of my new wallet! The last time we are all well, we went to buy the kids some shoes. Aidan told the cashier "my Mommy made that!" and when she did not hear him, he said it over and over again until she at last was listening to him. How sweet is that? I was able to get a ton of these cut out this past week but none constructed yet! Etsy here they come!

Oh and checkbook covers too!

I mixed up the patterns of oilcloth for this one. A little Mexican Madness.

Oh I love the imported Mexican oilcloth! Thank you Mexico!

What do you think of Suzanne's new hand bag? Cool story about the vintage fabric that she chose too. My mother-in-law, Jackie, gave us two wall hangings that she received as a wedding gift 49 years ago. They were in a box and wrapped with this fabric. I loved the fabric so much I added it to my stash. I still need to find a place for the art work.

I will be making more of these, I really like the think strap!

Suzanne makes beautiful things check out her Etsy site soon! Use that new camera, girl! We want to see you great stuff.

I have been loving these sweet fabric flowers that I have seen all over the craft blog scene. (yeah I know what that last remark sounded like, hee hee hee!) Over at Artsy-Crafty Babe there was a recent tutorial on how to make her Fluffy Flowers.

It took me all day to come up with my own version! Let it be known I only make my own patterns because I can't follow directions! I had a lot of fun watching Bridget Jones making sweet little spring Flower Buttons. What a Mommy treat!


kimmy said...

oooh, i love your new fabric colors. Did ya check out the color forecast for summer? Okay, that was snarky....there i just can't believe there actually IS a color forecast ...

and yes, I JUST unloaded that hugemongous PC armoire. It was like a cave. How cheery the revamped one looks..and clever!

p.s. welcome back from Flulandia

Kelly McCants said...

Snarky! great word!