Thursday, February 1, 2007

Valentine CONTEST!!!

I have been challenged to make a Valentine by one of my faithful readers! My new friend in Seattle, Terri, reminded me this morning of her request for Valentine ideas. I pondered on this all day -- and I have had a blast.

Today begins ModernJune's 1st Designers Challenge! So, between Feb 1st through Feb 13th, I will be accepting entries.

The challenge is...

  1. Make a beautiful Valentine for someone you love
  2. You must only use what you have. No going to buy the perfect cardstock! : )
  3. You must upcycle something from the craft in which you specialize (if you are a jeweler you have to use beads or chains). I used an old tattered vintage apron.
  4. Go to your scrap bag or box and dig out something great and use it.
  5. Use a vintage piece. Or something that you have had so long it seems vintage!
  6. Use what you love!

You are hereby challenged to make a beautiful something and send me a photo! Email it to, and I will post them here on my site, or maybe I'll create a flickr group -- we'll see later. But for now, go out... NO stay in - cuddle up and get crafty! And, BTW leaving comments makes me feel less lonely!

Just one more thing...
I took a lot of "how-to pictures" of this project. This morning I spent hours creating a longer verison of this post, and it got sucked into the great black blogger hole... blogger went down this afternoon URG! So instead of recreating, I am posting the photos on my flikr account!


Arcor DSL said...

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claredoughty said...

Hi ModernJune,

I really like your challenge and recon I could have some fun with it. Im a jeweller from etsy - I dont have a valentine :( but Im going to imagine a rather famboyant one and see what I can come up with... I will convo you if its any good. Please try not to laugh at the results :)

Lynn said...

Hi, ModernJune,

I think I'll give it a try! I am also an etsy shop owner.

rockergirrl said...

ooh I love a good challenge

Kelly McCants said...

Yeah,the more the merrier!

thanks, for playing here at Modern June

Lynn said...

Hey Kelly! This sounds like fun! Is it just for business ladies or can anyone join in?

Lynn (from SHARE)

Kelly McCants said...

Lyne,you found me! yeah...come play come play...everyone join in on the fun!

I have been meaning to send you my url for this blog thing since you are the one that got me going.

I think I wanted to get the hang of it so I could impress you! Glad your reading!