Sunday, February 4, 2007

Look what I found today!

I must show off! I am proud to say that if you Google Oilcloth Splat Mats, I am the 8th listing! Yahoo, I mean google! I guess that explains all the orders of late. The photo here is my new splatmat. For a more finished look this version now has binding of coordinating oilcloth. And I love the custom Oilcloth Art Smock I made for a two year old. I hear from her Mom that she loves to get messy when she paints. Never heard of that before. Never happened at my house... You know that it happend right after I took these pictures. Maddie went to town splatter painting. I can tell you for sure that Oilcloth whip clean!

So I have spent the weekend catching up on orders and my HUGH pile of things half finished. I started developing my newest product... The Modern June Oilcloth WALLET. I have wanted to make these for ages. The first proto-type is a mess right now. I don't want to cook I don't want to sleep all I want to do is work on # 2 tonight while it is fresh! The problem is I blogging too long. I just can't stop!

I did get out for bit Saturday afternoon for a little "me time" and to check out the Richmond Craft Mafia's Valentine Show on Saturday. If anyone is near Raleigh, North Carolina they will be there doing a show with the The Handmaidens this weekend. The craftmanship was so wonderful. I wanted more than I could buy. Oh man I love shopping.

Look what I got for me! I have a sweet Craft Friend, Maryellen Kim at Twist Style. Maryellen I decided this is my "Key to Balance". This picture does not do this piece one ounce of justice. The closure is a vintage glass button. Oh I have waited a long time for one her treasures. Worth the wait! If Modern June made jewelry it would be just like hers! I am so jelous!

I also got this cute bib and burp cloth set for a new baby at Don's office. LOVE the fabric! Don't you think I need it for aprons? On the way home I realized that I just made my own bibs that morning out of Oilcloth. Oh well! Monkey and Me stuff is so cool and the new Momma is friends with Beth. BTW she has a new look that I am gaga over. I want the dress in my size. I'll post when she gets it listed!

Ok for the weekly "Look what I found today" part of my posting...

Look what I found today! Sew Mama Sew! What a great name and they have a really lovely site. Check out the wonderful fabrics I really like the stack of fabrics, it reminds me of spring. I need spring!

Not only do they have a lovely selection on fabrics they also treat you with vintage know I love vintage buttons!

Have a great week! Kelly


thoughtbubble said...

Congratulations on being on the first page of google results! That's awesome!

kimmy said...

Just have to say that I ADORE ADORE ADORE Beth of Monkey & Me's clothes.
I think Anwen is still on her website's gallery.

I'll be needing to re-up soon since she's getting so big.

Lynn said...

Cute cute fabric!

Sandy said...

Love that fabric!
Fun site ...:)