Monday, January 7, 2013

Moody Monday: Peacock Blue

You know how it happens, you see a new color and you think, "Wow, I like that color." You see it here and there, then before you know it it's everywhere and coloring every pretty thing. For me this "new" color is peacock blue or teal. I like saying the word peacock, so I'm going to stick with that! I've long loved this color, heck my last vehicle was teal -- hated the van, loved the color!

Moody Monday Picks:
Pretty Peacock Blue Paint Swatch
Sara Norwoods gorgeous kitchen, via Country Living
Crate and Barrels newest chair Willa in Peacock.  

Today I spray painted a vintage bathroom shelf for use in the new studio peacock. I didn't even realize that I had bought this very color till I started painting it. I knew I was bought a pretty blue, but once it was done I realized that I was already hooked on Peacock Blue!! I'll be sure to take the camera into the studio and get a photo for you all.


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