Monday, January 21, 2013

Mood Board Monday: Bold Dining Room Chairs

I am getting closer and closer to taking photos for Book #2 and there are some things I need!! I NEED new chairs for my dining room. But I have a problem, do I buy new ones or paint up the ones that I have or do I buy new chairs? The chairs that we have are perfectly fine, they are sturdy and fairly comfortable. But boy, are they boring! 

So what do you think paint or buy? Leave me a note and help me decide!!

Either way, I thought I would share what inspires me! For more inspiration check out my dining room pin board

#1 Echo Oragne from CB2
#2 Bolig Magasi via Pinterest!
#3 Vienna Apple Side Chair from Crate and Barrel  

#1 Pretty chairs found at Catarina's beautiful Tumbler page.
#2 Thornet chair in very hot pink! ABC
#3 Rust-Oleum's dining room inspiration
#4. DIY kit from Rust-Oleum! Transformations indeed!

1 comment:

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Honestly, if your chairs are sturdy and comfortable...then I would say paint 'em - or mod podge 'em - or anything to make them less boring (your word.)

Use some of your wonderful creativity :)