Friday, January 11, 2013

If I had a food truck...

My hubbies holiday office party was a few nights ago, the food was so cool. It was served by 3 local RVA food trucks, Pizza Tonight, Thia Cabin and my favorite, Soul Ice!! At each table inside the Hardywood Brewery the party divas scattered blank food truck papercraft pages. The name of the game, design you own food truck and the best few get $50.00 gift cards. My cute hubby one and gave it to me!! (Love him!)

When first asked what a Modern June food truck would sell my first answer was Mac and Cheese!! Yes, diner fair would rule my menu!! We'd have the BEST aprons!!

Then after a bit of thought I realized that if I had a food truck I wouldn't sell food out of it! Nope, I would trick it out with my favorite industrial Bernie the Bernina, bolts of fabric and all trimmings! I would be your mobile tablecloth lady. Mobile Modern June!! Okay, that would be a logistical nightmare but darn it's funny!!

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