Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Elasticized Tablecloths

Introducing our newest product, a fitted laminated tablecloth that wraps snugly on to your table top with elastic!! In the last year my team and I made a few of these elasticized beauties, but I never made one for myself until now, I didn't know how great they were.

Let me just say that I am totally sold. No more wiggly, jiggly tablecloths! No more fabric on my lap while I work on my laptop. No kids (code for hubby) pushing the tablecloth around during dinner. This tablecloth stays put all day everyday and I love it.
I am really excited about using these outside! My new second story deck is already for spring with it's pretty Tart tablecloth. Let me tell you, this is the only tablecloth that I've ever made that survived 2 days of 20 MPH winds. Any other tablecloth would have ended up down the block after the weekend we had here in Richmond!
I am sure that all the mama's with wee ones will love that little hands won't be able to pull on the tablecloth any longer. You know how toddlers love to practice the tablecloth magic trick! I've so been there! Scary. We are using laminated cotton because its supple, waterproof and family friendly. All our laminates are BPA and PVC free, which is good for kids of all ages.

After making several prototypes I've devised a system that allows you to adjust the elastic from two sides of the tablecloth. This way you can get the tablecloth over the edge and tighten it up as snug as possible. You can then release the elastic mechanism when you want to change to another look. Easy-peasy!

So how do you clean it? Well that's the best part. (Insert cheesy TV announcer voice) Laminated cotton is so easy clean, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and gentle spray cleanser. But, for heavily soiled messes you could drop it in the washer on gentle. If you do so, let me suggest line drying it or tumble drying on low. Be sure to remove it RIGHT AWAY from both machines to decrease the amount of permanent creases caused by the machines and heat. My personal recommendation is to just wipe it down, I have the kids do it. (Every once and a while I need to give the cloths a good mommy-once-over to get it really clean -- I think you know what I mean!)  I've been using laminated cotton tablecloths daily for years and I've never needed to do more than that, even after messy cake decorating and science projects!!!

Check out the fitted table covers at Modern June!! 


sunrunner said...

looks wonderful
this is really to ask a question
Do you make them for oval tables?
If so what would the cost be? and how long would it take it? It is getting pretty warm here in Vegas and are ready to spend time outside

Walton Lee said...

Wow!!! All printed table covers are really very beautiful. I like all.

Jennifer said...

are you still making these? where can i get one? i didn't see any on your etsy page