Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reno Update: Week 12 and 13

We've had a round of fantastic weather, we're talking 71 degrees!! So Sander, contractor of awesomness, had his crew clean up the back yard. I was very happy to take the afternoon off and help layout the slates. It was so nice to get my hands dirty.
 Raccoon Tracks!! 
It's a bit woopy-jawed (my fault) so I'm going to tweak the layout a bit and then plant some creeping thyme within the stones.
I can't tell you have much I love being able to get to the shed without jumping through the puddles. Five months with a plywood walk way is a bit much.

As you can see we've got a long way to go! We've got leaning posts, a missing shelter and a big orange earth mover to take care of. We won't mention the lack of grass. Really, don't mention it. Even though it doesn't look like much right now, it's just so much better and I'm ready for spring!!
I was thrilled that the guys helped me clean out the beds. Normally this is my job, a job that hasn't been done properly since Modern June got more intense. They removed all the weed trees that I was fighting a loosing battle with and I removed dozens of sticky vines. When the next round of nice weather comes along I'll dig out the brick boarder, that always helps tidy things up. (Even if your grass is junk)
The following day we had a lot of rain and my son enjoyed playing out on the second story patio. We're are all loving the new wood floor out there, it's a real treat.
Here you can see that our new bedroom ceiling and walls are all ready for paint. No more water damage, better yet no more Dr. Who cracks in the wall. I was really happy to have sleep in a semi-white room for a few nights. It got rid of my desire for a home with white walls. I gotta have my color!!

...I am not feeling this color! Everyone says I used the same color as the studio but that's not the case, it's actually more green then the studio. It's sssssssoooooooo aqua. Don't get wrong it's a nice color, just not for a bedroom. But it's done and so am I! We'll see if I like it better once I get the drapes up and furniture in the room. Either way, it's not changing anytime soon.
The needed repairs in our bathroom are coming along nice and quick.  The cracked ceiling has been sheet rocked with some fancy bathroom grade stuff (technical talk). This darker ceiling is really weird, I'll never paint a ceiling anything other than white. It's feels like the sky is falling.

Since we had to have the ceiling mucked with anyway, we invested in a much needed vent. How very modern for this 85 year old house. Believe it or not, I've never lived in a home with a vent in a bathroom, it'll be like a hotel bathroom. (rrrrrrrriiiiiiight!)
I have NO idea what color to paint in this room. I know I just said I didn't want an all-white room but I am thinking about it for the bathroom. I think I am just afraid, I feel like I messed up the bedroom and I am tired of making costly mistakes -- even if it's my insurance companies money.

We call the insurance money, Kelson's money. Kelson was our insurance adjustor. We've been saying things like, "If Kelson's not paying for it, we don't need it." We've told the contractor more that a few times, "When Kelson's money runs out, you have to leave!" I love Kelson's money, I loved Kelson and he loved us. He was happy that we didn't want more money than we were due. At the time all we wanted was the tree off our home, a proper roof and a sewer line that was actually connected to the city.

Oh well, even if we just go white, I know that I won't be sorry to see the Martha Stewart two-tone thing go away. It's been the same for 13 years, okay I am pretty sure that I repainted it at some point, tweaking the colors slightly. I can't believe that, we've been here so long. I swear we just moved in and remolded that bathroom. I think Maddie was about 18 months when we finished the room. Amazing.
Photo credit: West Elm
Here's my inspiration. I bought this nice shower curtain from West Elm that is citron and white. I intended to paint the walls a soft slate grey but now I am not so sure. Do you know what I really want? I want to fancy tile on the bottom half of the wall and then use a bright paint color on the top half. Or! How about a solid painted wall on the bottom and some big funky wallpaper on the top?

Oh hell, at this point I am just tired of thinking. I say we paint it all white and then when have the energy to commit I'll do it myself.

All the cabinetry is way past tired, we were so poor when we did the bathroom the first time. I think we paid $125 for the sink and both cabinets. Gotta love the big box special. I guess that it's time to start saving for a proper bathroom reno. At least for another round of big box cheapies.
I just picked this up for the bathroom today at Joannes. Our Joannes is moving so I got the rest of the bolt at 60% off. It's a canvas weight home-dec fabric. I am thinking of having my new stitcher make me a roman shade with this pretty tangerine print. Jonathan spent years working in the interiors business, so even though I've made a few shades myself, I'm 100% sure it would be much better use of my time and money to have him do it. 
The last area with hurricane damage is the ceiling in the stairwell. I am pleased as punch to have the ceiling and walls professionally painted. This is the only way to fly my friends, the only way!! I'll take 13 weeks of plaster dust to have that stairway painted.
 See why? Those dingy walls would have stayed that way for a very long time if it weren't for that mean old tree that just happen to fall and go boom on our house.

There's just a little more work left to get done. They say one more week, so I figure it'll be 2-3. : ) I've been teasing Sander that he'll be here to help make the Easter ham.

I am beginning to have mixed feelings about this whole thing being over and the guys leaving. I'll miss the crew when they are gone. Sander Altman has become a part of my daily life, he's become a family friend. Don and I text him more than anyone else, more than we text each other. Sander and I talk about life, parenting and food all day long. He brings my kids rice crispy treats for crying out loud!!  And when I mentioned my need of a doughnut he brought us all some. I'll miss my new friend when he's gone!!! Poor Don's going to start getting some serious "honey do" lists when this is all over and I no longer have 1-5 guys in the house all day to do my bidding.

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