Saturday, February 25, 2012

Memories: Tupperware

Four generations of Tupperware loving ladies!!
The Etsy Blog has a great post about Tupperware this weekend, wow, the memories that I brought back to me are wonderful!! In the center is my Grr, with a very cute little me on her lap!! My Grr is the woman that inspires me every single day to be a loving mother and hard working bread winner. My Grr was a Tupperware and Avon lady!! She was the mother of 7 kids so she had to do what she could to help out. When I was very young she would let me take her sales slips and sort her orders. I really loved that, it was like playing store. 

So instead of spending the afternoon proofing pattern text I sent down the Tupperware memory lane. Did you know that there are 33 pages of Vintage Tupperware listings on  Etsy? I love it!! 

Here's my childhood kitchen:
I have no doubt that my mom still uses this set of measuring cups.
My Grr had these tumblers. I grew up drinking out of these! I want the stirs, real bad!!
But my mom had (has) this tumbler set. You can tell the era just but the color and style.
As a child I had no earthly idea what this funnel was really for. But I used to play with it in the dish water all the time. 
My moms most prized possession, the harvest gold cake carrier!! Of course she had the pie risers inside. She's a pie maker!! I love my mamma's pies!!
I might have to buy this, the green strainer of love, surly my mom won't send me hers!!

Just looking at these salt and pepper shakers I am able to mentally feel what my moms felt like. Back then she fried everything and since these sat on the back of the stove top they felt disgusting. So greasy!! Okay, not all Tupperware memories are pleasant.
Oh, the countless pitchers of tea and Koolade I made in a pitcher just like this. The vacuum seal button was the best!! 
My mother has 4 sisters and countless aunts so when we got together for the holidays it was Tupperware-bowl-palooza! Everyone had the same set of bowls so when it came to clean up time everyone would fight over whose was whose. You don't mess with another woman's Tupperware!
I would fight for a 1972 Easycrisp!! I bet my Mom got this as a wedding gift, that was the year she married my 2nd dad, I was four!
Want. Need. Must. Have! Lettuce Crisper of love! Can't you taste the iceburg lettuce now? 

Oh boy, does this take me back to Easter Sunday!! Every year the Easter Bunny would hide our hand-dyed eggs. Then before mass my mom would make deviled eggs and carefully place them in this container. It was always cold enough outside for her to leave them in the car during church. 
I know my mom had a Jello Mold and I know for a fact she never ever used it, what a shame!

Aw!! These really take me back!! My sister is 12 years younger than me so I remember playing with Busy Blocks with her more than I do when I was of age!!!

Oh man, the toy sorter!! Did you all have one of these? I hope you did, it was the best toy in the world!

Great! Now I miss my mommy and need to buy vintage Tupperware!!


mjb said...

I didn't realize the toy sorter and busy blocks were Tupperware! I totally had those.

Deb Hensley said...

aww, sis! That was awesome! Soooo many memories in the tupperware!

Kelly said...

Deb, I see so much of you in Mom's face in this photo!! That's so cool!!