Thursday, March 1, 2012

IN STOCK: Pet Mats

Kitty-Cat Mats!!
Here at Modern June we are tying hard to improve our service and offerings. So we are shifting many of our items to stock items, so they are ready for you to enjoy! We don't like to wait for pretty things and we don't want you to have to wait either!!
Big Dog Mat!

Thanks to my bestest friend, Suzanne, we are now making our fun pet mats reversible!! Suzanne has several Modern June cat mats in her house and she commented on how grungy the back of the mat had gotten over the years, that's sssooo not good. Then I realized that mine did the same thing, NOT good, the hubby cleans ours so I hadn't noticed! We can't have grungy mats, can we?
Little Dog Mat!

Once January came around we sat down and decided which four prints we liked best. After a bit of debate (there really are too many good prints to choose from) we decided upon black lace, blue strawberries, yellow hibiscus and red fruity. Then we backed them with a fun coordinating dot or gingham. We really hope you like them as much as we do!!
Water just beads up
Oilcloth is a great fabric for this product, it's waterproof so it protects your floors nicely and the fabric is stiff enough to stay put. To clean them, just take a household brush and a gentle cleanser and give it a good scrub, the oilcloth and the cotton bias will come clean in a jiffy. You can then wipe it off or hang it up to drip-dry. Easy-peasy!!

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