Sunday, December 25, 2011

Reno Update: Week Seven

 Do you like my cottage cheese ceiling? After dark it's very Dr. Who! The stupid tree landed right on top of the kitchen roof, the ceiling really took a beating from all the rain and impact. It was a nice excuse to check and see if the bathroom plumbing was intact.
Since repairs where necessary and a new dry wall ceiling was going to be put up I figured that a few pot lights just had to be added. I can't wait for my new pot lights to be in place!! I just love the new ones in the studio. It'll be so bright and modern, and worth every extra penny!!
 We eat out all week, and now we are broke!
We'll be having oatmeal and roman till the next pay day.
 Dry wall, plaster dust and plastic, oh, my! 

It was 5 days with plastic on the every door and no overhead lights. It was pretty annoying, but worth it in the end. (I'm repeating this over and over and over again!)
 The new dining room ceiling is up. Yahoo, no more water stained crumbling mess to worry about.
 I got dry walled ceilings with tape and mud for Christmas. While out getting lunch one day, I noticed that my handbag smelled like joint compound. I know your jealous!
 We considered sticking with this dilapidated Tuscan look that 
only a decaying plaster wall can capture. 
I love this photo, the mud on the wall isn't even dry and I am as ready for Christmas as I am going to be.

While Sander, chief contractor dude, coated the walls and ceilings with another coat of joint compound, his helpers, Steve and Irving, cleared the room of ladders, drills and other unnecessary equipment. They've been so great about making sure we have as nice of a holiday as possible.

The guys left my house early Wednesday afternoon and I went on a cleaning spree. I dusted, vacuumed, and mopped twice! Then I took down the plastic that separated the living room from the kitchen and dining room and pulled out one of my favorite vintage tablecloths and topped it with the one holiday decoration that Don pulled out of the attic. 
The Studio got a new cutting table top!!! I love how big it is. They guys took a 4' by 6' sheet of melamine board and some 2" by 4" and snuggled it around Target cube shelves and an old dresser. I'll finish up the paint and raw edges next week. 

Please don't judge me, the stuff on the shelves are just put there to be out of the way. I'll properly merchandise the room soon. All I've done for weeks is more crap from one place to another just to keep it safe. In retrospect, I see that I really should have just packed more of my stuff away. I guess I know what to do when the guys go upstairs in January. Oh yes, there's a whole other floor that needs to be repaired.
As a added treat, Sanders insisted that our upgraded electrical box be properly housed. I swear I don't know how to work in a studio that is an actual room and not a DIY dungeon.

The best part of this weeks update is the lack of updates. Four days without the guys in my house has been dreamy!! I grown to love them but break has been very nice. The timing is great, Aidan is sick and Maddie turned 14 on Thursday.

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