Monday, December 5, 2011

Reno Update Week Four

 One horrible window gone! The old one was cracked and dirty, worst of all it never opened.
Good riddance!
Can't tell you how totally exciting it is that this stupid window is H.I.S.T.O.R.Y. Wahoo!
 The Altman Contracting crew has too much fun!!
 What a great smile Irving has!!
 Framing it out!
 OMG!!! We have window! We have windows that open. What more could a girl need? 
No need to respond to that...
 So that's why it's been so darn cold in the studio.
 Creepy space about the studio.
 Hey! Where is my roof?
 We're missing some roof, but we have some windows!!! 
 New fascias will keep the critters out of my studio, now that is damn good thing!
Here was my big surprise for Don. I gave the guys the go ahead to add a really nice porch above the door to our bedroom. A nice upgrade from the nasty metal awning from the 1950's. That thing blew apart if you looked at it funny. Irving topped it with the recycled slate. Sweet!!!
Poor little sewing machine table, it's so darn lonely. My contractor, Sander, suggested that I take it in for a tune up while we where closed. That's one smart cookie. Meanwhile, what little sewing I've done it's been done on my home machine in the dining room.
It's so bright down there now. I can only imagine what it'll be like when we have lights again. The pot lights are going to be so bright that Nicole and I will have sew with our shades on.
 I've got the guys bringing me a big sheet of plywood so I can finally get the cutting table done.
Won't that be a treat?
The backyard is looking divine, it's okay, I know your jealous! 
It takes a lot of hard working guys to get your yard looking this good. 
 For the last month we have had five big guys on our roof so it was very sweet to have
 some little hands helping out. What cuties.
 Mud and tape cover up all the holes. Progress is a beautiful thing.
Next up? Lights!!!

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