Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Since the house has been a total mess we really couldn't decorate for Christmas like we normally do. Our living room has been a storage room for weeks and weeks. Half of our dining room furniture is still in the living room. 

But we had to have a tree, we had to have a little holiday cheer!! On Monday, the 19th, we put up our silver tree and decorated it with lots of lovely vintage, handmade and family ornaments. The kids and I had a blast putting it all together.

Now, don't think we didn't have a terrific Christmas. It's been the most few amazing days, calm and super causal. We've eat our way through lots of (store bought) sweets, played lots of games and enjoyed a Dr. Who marathon. It's been just us, no one wants to come to our dusty abode this year. Good! With 2-6 contractors with us day after day, we are more than happy to be to ourselves.

Even though we couldn't decorate every room, entertain, bake or cook a fancy meal, we had the best Christmas ever!! I think that's amazing. Just us,  just us giving and loving each other. 

Merry Christmas!!!

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