Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reno Update: Week Five

The back half of the house is looking good! The roofs are all done and totally water tight. I can't say the same for the brown door that you see on the balcony. We had a rainstorm that blew rain into the house. Let's just say we had a bit of a waterfall wall in the dining room below. Mother Nature also gave us a light show to with the water works. Oh, she's so clever. Enough. Already.

All they guys worked very hard to paint and trim out the back of the house. Of course, I catch Tacho sitting down for the first time in 3 months. love him, he sings all day long and always has a smile for me. I know that he thinks that I am a loco chica, and you know what, I am okay with that.
The window's looking fine! Just a little touch up left to do.

RIP Bliss Kitty! In the middle of all this chaos we've been trying to make the final days of our aging cat peaceful. I miss my furry friend of 16 years more than I ever thought possible. So, in a yard filled with mud is a pretty little plant for our pretty and extra big cat.
A mad dash of paint touch up before a they guys left for a well deserved weekend! 
 Framed and painted up all pretty like!
Home Sweet Home! I enjoyed doing some paperwork and cutting in the room on Saturday. 
I miss my pretty little workroom.

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