Friday, June 3, 2011

Studio Makeover: Roman Shades, Pick a print!!

Help, I need your input, which of these upholstery fabrics do you like best for the roman shades I am going to make for my studio? I was going to use the vintage bark cloth but they weren't wide enough so I thought something new and a bit trendy would be fun to mix in with all the other vintage fabrics I am going to use for wall art.
The prints are big and bold, each flowers about 8-10 across. Fun right?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear...I like them both...but the first more. =) Not much help.

Nicole said...

Both are awesome. My favorite is the top one... for me! :-) But I think the second one is more you and your studio style, retro cool.

Samantha said...

top one!