Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyday with Rachel Ray

About a million years ago, you know last February, I got an email from a lovely staffer from the Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine asking me if I had any tropical styled aprons. Yikes! There I was as knee deep in book edits and photo shoots for Sewing with Oilcloth.

I had just finished a day of styling photos with Meghan when I got the email. Exhausted, I headed out in search for tropical fabric that same night. When a magazine of such coolness calls you hop to it. Right? Right!

Things got complicated, they changed their minds a few times. They weren't sure if they were really going to shoot it anyway. So I never did send in an apron.  But, I was asked to comment (for real). "Can you tell me why a party hostess wants to wear a cute apron?" My response, "I love dressing the part of party hostess!  For me wearing a cute little hostess apron is a fun little nod to the glamorous parties featured in my mom's 1960's cookbooks. Who doesn't like playing dress up and pleasing her guests? It's just good fun!"

So the months went by and I nearly forgot all about these emails, it felt like a missed opportunity. Then on Monday I was standing in the check out lane and there was the most gorgeous hamburger on the cover of Everyday with Rachel Ray and I had to bring it home. You know that girl can cook on heck of a burger!!

Today,  I finally found a few minutes to spend with Ms. Ray and here staff of talented magazine people.  I remembered the Luau Party article as soon as I got to the table of contents. I was bummed, there was a very cute apron on a very pretty girl. The one that got away, right? But there was our little shops name in print. I squealed and ran around the house looking for my kids. I shoved the magazine in front of them and announced that Modern June got a mention. They were all like, "Cool. Whatever. What's for lunch." Mah, what do they know, right? I am totally honored and surprised for the nod!!! You just never know where life will take you.

By the way, we had ham and cheese bagels. Rachel wouldn't have approved.

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