Sunday, May 22, 2011

Studio Makeover: Week One

I emptied out half the studio and said good bye to yellow walls this week. I must say that I love-love-love the color, it's so bright and happy!
I built the a Galant table for the sewing machines... 
... and another one for the computer! It even has a key board drawer, so very ergonomic!
Aidan and I built these cool shelves that attach to the table top. We left the back off the second one so the printers could stack up. LOVE THAT! But what really rocks is having a desk with a work surface for the first time every! I'm not sure what to do with that, but I'll work it out. ; )
I'm also digging the old peg board that I painted turquoise. I reconfigured the board, it's amazing how much stuff you can get a 2'x4' sheet of pegboard. 
 Maddie helped me hang this pegboard today. I am so happy to replace all those 3M hooks, now I can move everything as needed. Easy-peasy!
Friday afternoon, the kids and I sat on the studio floor and watched The Voice while I put these together. They are for the new cutting table that I'll be making next weekend. For now the old folding cutting table top will have to do. We've got tablecloths to make this week so no more playing decorator until they are completed. 
I replaced the old white bookcase with these two wire shelves that I stacked. I like them for several reasons: it's wider and deeper so I get more bang for my buck and it's open on the sides so that area feels more open now.

As you can clearly see, I have a lot of work left to do but I am pleased as punch to be back in the room. Next weekend I'll tackle the cutting table, hang wall shelves and finish painting the doors and trim. Then it's back to IKEA to get the right bases for the new chairs (I messed up) and a few more of these great drawers! (Aidan and I had a blast building this, they're a wild puzzle.) Then it'll be time to make and hang some new roman shades. Wait till you see the great fabric I'm getting for those!!!

I figure it'll be 100% complete in about 2-3 more weeks!! I can't wait!! Yay!!!

I'll be back with a full room shot tomorrow, the sun fills the room with pretty light and the turquoise blue looks so wonderful. 

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Relished Artistry said...


Kelly, this is beautiful!!! It's so clean! My studio is in my unpainted garage, with concrete floors an no insulation and halogen clip lights an ellipsoidal machine in the middle of the room!

This is so completely impressive!

I envy the brightness, the cheer, the freshness!!

You are seriously gonna be able to crank out some awesome stuff in this space. Beautiful. Congratulations!

Can I somehow convince you to come out and do this to my studio? ; )