Saturday, April 23, 2011

vintage fabrics

Turquoise for my studio walls was a clear favorite with you all. I wasn't so sure until I throw up a piece of fabric up on the wall to see it with the beech book shelves. It's great, I am sure I'll love it! But before I go out shopping for paint I knew I needed to get my fabrics purchased. I need fabric for roman shades and to line the book shelves that will be under the cutting table and on the wall.
Here's what I purchased for the Roman Shades, it's a sweet Bark Cloth! I bought it from Teaworks Cottage on Etsy (of course). The listing refers to it as Aqua, I may need to flexible on the wall color, we'll have to wait and see!
I also picked up some Chenille bedspread cuts, these are all odd pieces that I'll use for some wall art pieces. LOVE!!! I got the first two pieces from Alora's Adorables and the last one is from Chenille Bliss! (heaven)

Who knows what these two lovelies will become, sometimes you just have to buy them and wait for inspiration to hit ya. I got the quilt piece from Chenille Bliss (at 4 bucks, it need me) and the vintage feed sack from Kimmy Made.
So what about those shelves I want to line? Oilcloth to the rescue! After all, I am the Oilcloth Addict! I like the juxtaposition of mixing oilcloth with bark cloth, chenille, and feed sack material. It's all from the same era but not used in the same part of the house! Fun, right?


Sugah Beez said...

Mucho fabric love here! A guy once let me have his moving blanket (chenille bedspread) for free. And so began the rescue of vintage fabrics . . .

Kelly said...

Great story! The beginning of a great love affair I am sure!