Saturday, June 25, 2011

Studio Makeover: WIP Roman Shades

I've been hording these salvages for months. Every time we make a new laminated cotton tablecloth I stuff the trimmings off into this little box. This weekend the box was overflowing so I took a personal sewing break. I am going to transform these into a fun and unique roman shade for my weird back window.

I had to do the first two rows over again, they looked more like ruffles than strips of salvage edges.

 It's still a bit puckery, I am hoping a high temp ironing from the back side helps smooth it all out. You never want to iron the shiny side of laminate cotton!!!

I've just set my machine to a rather large zig-zag stitch and I used the pattern in each print as a guide to line it up each new strip. My panel is less than straight but I don't care, it's going to make a fun window treatment. Sometimes perfection is overrated on personal projects, right?  When I sew for myself quick and dirty is the name of the game. I save my super-duper sewing for you all.

I told you that this window was weird. Originally this room was our homes (English) basement, but now that the boiler and water heater has been professionally walled off and the new and level floor has been laid it's my studio. When we did the work, some 6 years ago, we had planned to add French doors but money ran out and it never happened. While I am glad there aren't doors along this wall, I do look forward to the day when we have two windows to replace this ugly old thing.

I can't wait till Tuesday when I cut the next round of laminated cotton tablecloths so I have a much of new prints to add to my panel.


restitcherator said...

The colors from all the different selvedges look fantastic together. I always trim my selvedges too close to actually use them for anything. I might have to change that habit!

Kelly said...

I was doing the same thing. But then I read this...

The laminate film doesn't go all the way to the edge so I can get get a full 1 1/2" of salvage and still get the most out of the fabric. Win-win!

the Inveterate Optimist said...

Fantastic idea! And a gorgeous solution for your window. *saunters off to gather selvedges*

PS: your tips are tops. x