Wednesday, April 13, 2011

crafting homeschool style

This is what craft time is looks like when you combine a Zelda obsessed boy that loves to build with a mom that loves to make patterns. (I think that this counts as an introduction to Geometry, don't you?) 
My boy-child has been reading the Legend of Zelda series for about two weeks now and he is totally obsessed with all things Zelda. After days of intense research he's decided to make a Mask of Truth. You know how that turned out right? I made the mask and he art directed. What a cleaver boy!
Someday we'll cover this with paper mache and paint it, but for now, he's making a set of wings to go with the mask. He's on his own for that project. ; )

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~April~ said...

I wish my boy liked to do crafts!