Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's talk wall color!

I am just about to reach the day when I have money and time to redo my studio! (the two don't often meet!) I've only planning this major make over since I Christmas so I'm really ready. I mean REALLY ready for a change! So... let's talk about wall color!

Right now I have a weird soft yellow that eats light instead of being cheery and bright. How did that happen? Bleech!

Soooo..... How about white walls?
Espana's Photography Office I just love how the color pops off the white walls!
Emma Lamb's Studio of sweetness! 
I am sorry I don't have a proper photo credit and link for this picture. I think I spy oilcloth on that desk, don't you? 

Now for some turquoise inspiration...
Jenny B. Allsorts flickr page is filled with all kinds of creative goodness! The Turqoise wall's are great with the red and white. BUT... I have these Billy Bookshelves in Beech to work with and I'm not so sure it'll all mess together well.
Alicia Paulson got really cozy in this gorgeous room for years! Again she has all white wood. That's my sticking point with this color isn't it? Darn beech cabinets! I can't even use them, they're filled with the cute hubbies stuff. (Once upon a time this was his man cave, sore subject!) ; ) 

Amy's little house studio is darling in Tiffany Box Blue! 

What to do... what to do? Ya gotta help me, leave me a comment with your vote! White or Turquoise?


Cate said...

love the turquiose and red check in the jenny b. allosrts pic...but I would worry about that much blue affecting the colours that I see on my work. So maybe just on one wall?? But it does look soooo scrummy :-)

the Inveterate Optimist said...

I *love* turquoise. That said, I prefer white walls -and let the projects/work/inspiration pinboards provide the color. Because some days, I just don't feel 'turquoise'; I feel 'saffron' or 'violet' or 'British racing green'. tIO x