Saturday, February 13, 2010

good shoe day

Every year I treat myself to a new pair of RED birthday shoes. My love of red shoes came from the movie Chocolat. If memory serves me right, that is the only color shoes that the main character, Vianne wears. What's not to love about Vianne? She's mysterious, powerful and gutsy, not to mention sexy as all get out!!! So, I figure if red shoes makes me a bit more like that, I'm all for it!

Well today, I set out for a bit of shopping with my dear friend Dawn. We started out at our local DSW, I must say it was a damn good shoe day. Not only did I get a pair of the requisite red shoes, but a pair of yellow and green flats too. I'm set for spring! Now all I have to wait for is the perfect spring day (a long wait)!


Vintage Grace said...

GREAT choices in the shoe department, my dear! And great to see you today, too. XO

slip4 said...

Oooo...pretty shoes. Especially like those red ones. Now I am in the mood to shop for spring shoes. I have been a little overwhelmed by the snow shoveling and wasn't thinking about spring shoes!