Sunday, February 14, 2010

Goals are good. So are Production Spreadsheets.

I have a lot to do in a typical work day. Not only do I run my little business but I also homeschool my two kiddos. So, in order to have any life at all. I really need to keep on top of my work life and not let it encompass my entire life. This year I am all about working smarter, "work smarter, play harder and love more" is my 2010 motto!

Soon, I will be taking on another big project, so now is the time to up the ante on my organizational skills, time to take it to a new level. I'm going to be ubber-organized. Balancing wholesale orders and custom work, all while cranking out some new lines can be quite a challenge, as is keeping seven Junies working.

I have called on my old friend, the to-do list. But wait, this isn't just any to-do list. No, this is a wicked-cool production list of epic proportions. I have spent my Sunday creating a series of spreadsheets that will help keep track of every project. I'm talking color-coded loveliness! Now with a click of a button I know who's working on what, when it's due, and when it will ship. I have set up the production sheet to help me keep track my supplies as well. No more midnight panic attacks because I don't have enough brown trim--for some reason it's always brown trim.

Every week I get a bit closer to reaching the ultimate goal of working smart!

Do tell... what helps you work smart?


Ribbons Undone said...

Work smart? Oh dear, I don't know. I certainly don't have as much on my plate as you do, but I do love to get helpful project ideas and organizational tips from people like you! Thanks for the inspiration, Victoria

scout said...

Are you willing to share a copy of the spreadsheet?