Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Finds, Red Hot Vintage

Fabulous red and white vintage accessories (from left to right and top to bottom):

1. Vintage 50's Paper Coaster set Mad Men Jazz Band from Forrestina Vintage

2. Red Plaid Vintage 50s Recipe Box from Suzis Corner Boutique

3. Vintage Cocktail invitations from Vintage Venatic

4. 50's BBQ Tray from Tag Sale Finds

5. Red Measuring Cups from The Daily Vintage

6. Fire King Mixing Bowl in Red from Tag Sale Finds


forrestina vintage said...

Super cute red homewares--love it! Thanks for including my 1950s Mad Men Jazz coasters...I love 'em! :-D

Tina aka forrestina vintage

Donna said...

beautiful red vintage...perfect for V-day!
Thanks for including my red Fire King bowl anda red bar-b-que tray!

Chelsea said...

how funny! I have the exact BBQ tray for sale, too (but she's selling it for $5 less)

the Inveterate Optimist said...

Oooh! Great finds - and in my favorite color.

By-the-way, congratulations; you've been awarded 'the Sunshine Award'! You can pick-it-up at my blog here

Hope you are well, and enjoying the winter. tIO x