Sunday, February 7, 2010

Goals are good, Accounting

This year Modern June turns 4 which means it is a time to set new goals. Sometimes I feel as if I have been treading water just trying to stay afloat, working constantly and often working with out a plan. But no more, this year I have goals and a plan! This year I work smart! 

In order to succeed I have set up some goals for my biz, both big and small. I once heard that a small business owner should be able to wake up every morning know everything about their accounts. Well, that would be nice wouldn't it? Let me just say that I have lowered my expectations, and I am happy knowing that info on Monday morning. So I have made Sunday bookkeeping day. I don't have it all set up yet but each week I spend some time cleaning up last years mess and keeping up on this years sales, expenses and payroll.

I have to thank the Etsy Success emails for lending a hand, back in January they linked a forum thread that offered an Etsy Goal Spreadsheet. Well that is just what I needed to kick start my weekly record keeping. The first thing I did was to adjust the goal to suit my businesses "big goal", you know the the goal of increasing that grand total at the end of year. In order to know how I am doing in the middle of the week I have a daily goal set. I can really see how my goals lead to marketing and marketing leads to meeting those goals.

I am sure that an educated business person would laugh at my elementary achievements, but come on that BFA wasn't heavy on business and math classes, was it? Plus, its a DIY kind of thing, I am doing it myself and with the help of my crafty crew! We learn as we go, that's just how we roll.

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