Tuesday, May 12, 2009

wisteria wars

All of this...

...used to be on this!  

Left unchecked for just one year the wisteria climbed up into the tree branches and engulfed the tree and the power lines like an evil snake.   This winter it became clear that the structure, tree, and power lines couldn't take another year of the wisterias rapid growth.  So, down it came.  We know that war is not over yet, the plant is only cut down and would love nothing more that to be allowed to grow back with a vengeance.  Sometime soon we will decide the future of the shed and pergola, then we will know if the wisteria can stay.  IF it has to go I don't look forward to that job one tiny bit!  

This summer I look forward to my lovely Red Velvet Mandevilla (Mother's Day gift to self) to cover that pergola, cuz in the fall it will have to come down.  


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