Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a weekend!

I am so exhausted from my wonderful weekend! Three and a half days of learning, mayhem and fun.

It all started out with me shutting down the studio early Friday afternoon, no internet was to thank for that! (totally my fault) Dear Husband arrived home early too so it was all "yeah, it's the weekend!!!" So Dear Daughter and I headed off to Target for some shopping! We really needed to reconnect with some good old fashion girl time, we have been having tween-temper issues. Three outfits later we headed for a yummy dinner for two.

This weekend was the VaHomeschoolers Association's big conference and to kick it off we attended the ice cream party and talent show. It was really nice to just participate and not organize the event like I had done the two previous conferences. All I can say is HS kids are so very talented. It was a great chance to hang out with old friends. It is always amazing to see just how much a child or teen can grow in a years time.

The next day I headed off to the conference alone, the family would arrive later in the afternoon to enjoy a Barefoot Puppet show, the story tellers story and the Science Museum of Virginia itself!

Let me be honest here, I didn't want to go, I have been trying to ditch my role as teacher for months now. Every night I would lay awake in bed searching for a better solution for my children's education. This all started last fall when we had our kids tested for learning differences, we found out that we were dealing with dyslexia and dysgraphia. This was very upsetting to say the least. As a parent we want to do what is best for our children, so all of a sudden I was in agreement with the professionals, I was told that I need to do things totally different and to do it fast before it was too late. Now you must now by now that I don't often do what I am told, I never have and shouldn't even try!

Well that was the biggest mistake, I buried all my intuition and my beliefs while I struggled to adapt a new way of teaching. Let me tell you, it was an uphill battle to no where! We all hated it, it was a horrible year for all of us. Basically, I just couldn't do it, I just could not do it their way so I was left feeling worthless and ready to call it quits on homeschooling all together. Basically if I had an extra $40,000 laying around they would currently be enrolled and a very fancy private school!

I have said for years that the VaHomeschoolers Conference is my annual HS booster shot, but this year it was that and so much more. This weekend I found my voice again. After this weekend I am ready to go back to my old ways with my improved set of tools and get to work. It is time for us to learn to love learning again and follow the path that is right for myself and my children.

To say the least is was a very long and emotional day for me and I was looking forward to a dinner alone, I needed to look over my notes so I could reflect and plan. I had just told my family that I would be home later, I told my BFF I need to have a good cry before getting home. But what do you know, instead of dinner alone with my handy notebook, I spent the next couple of hours in the ER! Dear Son broke his nose just outside the museum.

While playing on and around the giant granit Kugel of the earth he "smushed his face" right in to it and broke his pretty little nose. OMG, I have never seen that much blood in my life. Thank goodness there was a medic in the crowd and she helped up stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding had stopped we were able to see his nose and it was VERY clear that we needed medical attention. He was such a trooper, he really manned up! For such a traumatic and painful event he was actually very calm, despite the trembling, the trembling really freaked me out!

Mamma drama never stops does it? He is doing really well, with his big blue nose. The fracture seems to be best case scenario so I am not worried about it needing any more attention beyond a second set of x rays.

As for Sunday, I really don't remember Sunday! I attended the last session of the conference, a casual brunch with the key speakers. I was able to chat with my favorite speaker, Cindy Gladdis about where to go with my Right Brained Dyslexic child. Now that was advise I could follow!

Basically the rest of Sunday was filled with naps, ice packs, gaming and note reviewing. I have a plan, watch out! Oh, how can I forget the science supply catalogue? Dear Husband brought home a catalog from one of the vendors, and Dear Son has not put the thing down. He has been looking at all kinds of stuff. I didn't know I had a science guy, sweet!

Yesterday, I needed to attend to some work, man, emails and convos sure do build up fast don't they? I also got started on another round of chalk cloth banners and then I did my trip to the two local Hancocks for their 50% off notions, with an extra 10% off entire sale! You just gotta stock up on days like that... trim, needles and buttons!

We topped of the weekend off with a cookout at our neighborhood pool! I grilled while the rest of the gang frolicked in the frigid pool! I couldn't bare it, that was a cold that hurt! It was fun to catch up with old friends and relax pool-side! I could really get used to that! I decree that Wednesday supper is pool cookout night! I just might need to trick out another vintage picnic basket for myself!

I hope you all had great weekends too, but without broken noses and trips to the ER!

I am still with out a camera so I have shamelessly stolen these fun photos from here, there and everywhere!

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Samantha said...

Kelly, good for you for finding your voice again. Homeschooling is not for whimps, but it sure is rewarding! You know what your kids need. As long as you educate yourself on their specific styles and differences, you can find a path that will work for you and it might not be the path that the "experts" recommend. That is why YOU are the Mom!

BTDT on the broken nose too. He'll be bouncing around in no time. And he'll have a good story to tell to the guys.

You should see if everyone wants to make Wednesday night grill night and join you. We did that in our last community and it was something to look forward to all summer. Everyone brought their own meat and a dish or two to share. It was so much fun!

Enjoy your summer!